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Heheheh. New to this so I thought I should quote some of my own stuff.

When I put unknown, it means it's really unknown or I just don't remember.
"These friends honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me." - Unknown

"A person who no longer wants to be your friend, never really was one." - Unknown

"No rest for the weary I always say." - Unknown

"I am amazing and studly, but I have limits."

Someone: "Are you always a wiseass?"
The one someone is talking to: "No, sometimes I'm asleep.
Anyway... Now this is something that was discussed between myself and my friend Tea yesterday when I was high.

Tea: "Are you high enough to smoke a cigarette?
Me: "What's a hisagrette?"
Tea: "I said cigarette."
Me: "Oh, then I must be high if I heard that wrong."
Tea: "We should make that word mean something. What should it mean?"
Me: "I don't know."
Tea: "I know, it can mean homie. Instead of nigger, it's hisagrette. Yo, whazzup hisagrette?"

I thought it was funny... ^ o ^
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